Experience measured in hundreds of kilometres...

Do you know that tomorrow your package can appear in the place which you have shown us? It  will happen, if you order us the delivery of your goods to any place in Europe. You will notice that together with the order you transfer all responsibility, duties and organization on us.

ou should know that we understand your situation.

ou have your own business and do not want to waste your precious time checking if everything is all right. In order to help you we will carry your duties out.

magine, we will prepare all shipping lists if they are necessary. We will inform you about loading when we  come to take your goods; and about the unloading after arriving at the exact place.

hat is your task? The only thing to do is to accept the information that everything was completed just as you wanted to. Isn't it important to you?

f you keep on reading, it means you are interested in cooperation which let you not to worry about anything.


Just think, our company will do everything for you.

These are the reasons why you should get in touch with us if  quick delivery is important to you:

ptaszek We are the alternative for air transport- that is why your goods will be delivered immediately!
ptaszek So as you see we can carry your orders out as soon as possible because our drivers are experienced  professionals.
ptaszek Our vehicles are brand new, bought at reputable dealer.
ptaszek We carry express delivery out, known as door-to-door system.
ptaszek Together with the order you transfer all responsibility and organization on us.
ptaszek Our speciality is delivering goods in: Finland, Sweden and Norway - both ways. 
ptaszek Remember, we deliver our good no matter the weather conditions.
ptaszek We are a well-organized team, which is focused on your goods.
ptaszek We run the international transport- we are able to deliver your goods anywhere in Europe.
ptaszek Notice that your goods will be insuranced during the transportation.

Familiar yourself with our company because soon we will be delivering your goods.



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